New Source Technology announces completion of Phase 1 Life Testing of critical laser components.


Continuous life testing represents our company comittment to ensuring the reliability and durability of laser systems across various industries.

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., March 27, 2024 / — New Source Technology, a leading provider of cutting-edge laser solutions is proud to announce the completion of Phase 1 life testing of critical components used in laser systems worldwide. Laser technology has become indispensable in numerous applications, from telecommunications and medical devices to industrial manufacturing and research. However, the reliability of laser components over extended periods has remained a challenge. To address this issue, Phase 1 testing combined the critical capacitor charging power supply, simmer, IGBT driver board and laser pump chamber in system tests that mimic harsh real life operating conditions. New Source Technology manufactures a wide variety of laser pump chambers with the advantage of allowing for testing of many different modes of operation.

Over the course of Phase 1 testing, the systems accumulated 50 million shots without the failure of any of the components. This is the equivalent of over 10 years of constant use in real world applications. Some findings of note include:

• All the laser pump chambers designed and manufactured by New Source Technology maintained consistent water seal integrity and constant laser output over the entire duration of the tests.
• The capacitor charging power supply, flashlamp simmer supply and the IGBT Driver board exhibited consistent pulse to pulse repeatability and the resulting test data easily verified the MTBF data of 50,000 hours required of the design.

Phase 2 of the testing is in process with the goal of achieving 100 million shots.

“Our team is thrilled to announce the results of the long-term life testing of our products.” said Greg Pon, President of New Source Technology. “Ensuring the reliability and longevity of laser systems is crutial to our customers success”. It is of paramount importance that we provide our customers with the confidence that their laser systems will perform consistently and reliably over their operational lifetimes.”

New Source Technology specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of critical laser and electro-optic components with a special emphasis on laser pump cavities, laser rods, flashlamps, optics, and capacitor charging power supplies. New Source Technology has been serving the laser market for over 27 years and has developed a strong global presence in the ind