Optical Engines

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Designed exclusively for Alexandrite laser applications, New Source Technology’s optical engines and component kits enable medical OEMs to meet demanding time to market needs with a competitive, robust, and reliable solution. The emitted energy, beam profile, and overall engine stability are optimized to efficiently treat melasmaremove tattoos, or remove hair from Type II skin on the Fitzpatrick scale.  Other medical applications using Alexandrite as a laser source are also emerging as a commercial solution.
Whether operating in Q-Switch or Long Pulse mode, stable output performance begins with the cavity design to deliver constant and high conversion efficiency at 755 nm throughout the planned product life cycle.  A selection of single and dual lamp chamber configurations is available.  Equally important, New Source’s high quality Alexandrite crystals meet exacting requirements to support the defined application further ensuring reliability and consistency. Rod diameters range from 3 mm to 10 mm. Lengths can be specified from 50 mm to 150 mm. Chromium concentration starts at 0.10% up to 0.17%.  Application-specific optical coatings are also available.
The flashlamp is designed and built specifically to pump the laser crystal for a low lasing threshold and maximum performance without compromising long lamp life. This achieved lamp performance culminates over twenty five years of design experience for some of the most challenging applications worldwide.
Er:YAG’s high water absorption at 2940nm makes this lasing wavelength appropriate for soft and hard tissue applications.  Used for cutaneous photothermolysis, short or modulated high energy pulses can be achieved from a single resonator.  Dental lasers used for soft and hard tissue applications also benefit from a single resonator design.
To assist in reducing the design cycle time and your product’s time to market overall, Er:YAG component kits are available that include the laser's flashlamp, pump chamber, rod, and mirrors.  Design services for a specific cavity's form factor are available upon request.  A fractional lens fitting your hand piece design can be added as well.  If component specifications are already designed, we can customize kits to include:
♦     coated (AR, HR, or PR) Er:YAG rod (diameters range from 2 mm – 5 mm and lengths from 50 mm – 130 mm)
♦     matching pump chambers for high energy conversion, robust, and reliable lasing output.  
     Custom pump chamber reflectors can be designed to meet your company’s form, fit, and function.
♦     high damage threshold mirrors and
♦     flashlamps with flexible lead wires  

2100nm emission is a direct and high water absorption wavelength, making a holmium laser a multi-purpose surgical tool that effectively fragments calculi (urinary and renal), ablates tissue, as well as enables other medical procedures. 

Designed and built for optimal performance in a small (504.8L x 91.4W x 77.8H) mm footprint, New Source Technology offers a 30W fiber-coupled resonator for fiber core diameters ranging from 200µm to 550 µm.  

Component kits that include the laser lamp, pump cavity, rod, and mirrors are also available to design single or multi-chamber optical decks.  CTH:YAG crystal rod diameters range from 4 mm – 5 mm and lengths from 90 mm – 160 mm.  The matching NST pump chambers are designed and built for high energy conversion, robust, and reliable lasing output. 12.7mm diameter optical mirrors (high reflector and partial reflector) and flashlamps with flexible lead wires complete the engine kit to provide stable output and minimal maintenance.   Specific CTH:YAG kits are off-the-shelf and ready for production.  

Output Performance Out of 200um Fiber
Output Performance Out of 200um Fiber

The Nd:YAG laser is a ubiquitous tool in many medical disciplines - surgical, cosmetic, and dermatologic to name a few, that acts as a photodisrupter or photocoagulator.  Used at 1064 nm and frequency-doubled to 532nmNd:YAG is a good medium to remove benign or malignant lesions, tumors, and pigmentations for example.

Solutions include long pulse and q-switched resonators designed, built, and manufactured to customer-defined output performance requirements.  Nd:YAG component kits are also available that can comprise of the laser flashlamp, pump cavity, rod, passive or active optical switch, and mirrors.  Coated rods (AR, HR, or PR) range from 4 mm – 10 mm in diameter and from 50 mm – 190 mm in length.  Robust and reliable pump chambers offer high conversion efficiency in a compact size.  Flashlamps are designed and built to ensure a predictable life time and pulse energy.