Nd:YAG Laser Head


The Nd:YAG laser is a ubiquitous tool in many medical disciplines - surgical, cosmetic, and dermatologic to name a few, that acts as a photodisrupter or photocoagulator.  Used at 1064 nm and frequency-doubled to 532nmNd:YAG is a good medium to remove benign or malignant lesions, tumors, and pigmentations for example.

Solutions include long pulse and q-switched resonators designed, built, and manufactured to customer-defined output performance requirements.  Nd:YAG component kits are also available that can comprise of the laser flashlamp, pump cavity, rod, passive or active optical switch, and mirrors.  Coated rods (AR, HR, or PR) range from 4 mm – 10 mm in diameter and from 50 mm – 190 mm in length.  Robust and reliable pump chambers offer high conversion efficiency in a compact size.  Flashlamps are designed and built to ensure a predictable life time and pulse energy.