Laser Diode Driver series

The LDD series is ideally designed for demanding OEM high power Laser diode applications. The compact size is possible due to the low-loss Zero Voltage Switching inverter with the incorporation of planar magnetics. The power factor is greater than 0.99. Conducted emissions meet stringent European regulations and no additional line filter is required to meet EN 55011 emission requirements. The LDD family has been designed to protect an expensive high power Laser diode by strictly controlling highvoltage transients. 



Iout (max)
Input Voltage
Size L x W x H (mm)
 LDD50-xx-yy  50  Up to 15  
 171 x 92 x 826
 LDD100-xx-yy  100  5-50  
 190 x 147 x 66
 LDD150-xx-yy  150  10-60
 LDD250-xx-yy  250  10-80
 LDD600-xx-yy  600  
 251 x 185 x 66
 LDD1000-xx-yy  1000
 LDD1500-xx-yy  1500  180-264
 LDD3000-xx-yy  3000  Up to 150  432 x 422 x 86
 LDD6000-xx-yy  6000  Up to 300  180-264
 432 x 422 x 88(TBD)
     Auxiliary Output +5V/+15V/-15V@0.5A  (no auxiliary output available for the LDD-50)
     XX:Max output current(A)YY:Max compliance voltage(V)XX x YY cannot exceed Pout(max)
     RS-232C Interface option available, Other output available upon request

LDD150/250: UL 60950 (Medical)
LDD600/1000/1500: UL 60950 (Industrial)   UL 60601-1 (Medical)
FCC 47 CFR Class A Emissions   EN55011 :1998 Group 1 Class A Emissions
EN61000-3-2   EN61000-3-3   EN60601-1-2:2001
LDD600/1000/1500 LDY600/1000/1500 : CSA compliance for use in Medical Equipment
RoHS compliance

For LDD-6000W, contact us.