Holmium Laser Head


2100nm emission is a direct and high water absorption wavelength, making a holmium laser a multi-purpose surgical tool that effectively fragments calculi (urinary and renal), ablates tissue, as well as enables other medical procedures. 

Designed and built for optimal performance in a small (504.8L x 91.4W x 77.8H) mm footprint, New Source Technology offers a 30W fiber-coupled resonator for fiber core diameters ranging from 200µm to 550 µm.  

Component kits that include the laser lamp, pump cavity, rod, and mirrors are also available to design single or multi-chamber optical decks.  CTH:YAG crystal rod diameters range from 4 mm – 5 mm and lengths from 90 mm – 160 mm.  The matching NST pump chambers are designed and built for high energy conversion, robust, and reliable lasing output. 12.7mm diameter optical mirrors (high reflector and partial reflector) and flashlamps with flexible lead wires complete the engine kit to provide stable output and minimal maintenance.   Specific CTH:YAG kits are off-the-shelf and ready for production.  

Output Performance Out of 200um Fiber
Output Performance Out of 200um Fiber