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Er:YAG Product Information

Erbium-doped YAG efficiently emits in the infrared at 2940nm, but also pumped for other wavelength emissions such as the 600nm – 800nm range.  This general purpose solid state crystal is used in cosmetic, surgical, and dental applications.

  • Wide pump band of 600 - 800 nm
  • High Slope Efficiency
  • High optical quality
  • Operates in a long-wavelength, high water peak region


Material Parameters

Host: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Y3AI5O12)

Dopant: Erbium (Er3+)

Dopant Concentration 50 Atomic % (~ 7 x 1021 cm-3)

Orientation: [111] crystallographic directions (± 5°)

Wavefront Distortion: 1/2 wave per inch of length, as measured in a doublepass interferometer operating at 1 micron


Dimensional Tolerances

Diameter: +0.000” / -0.002”

Length: +0.040” / -0.000”

Barrel Finish: 55 ± 5 micro-inch

Chamfer: 0.005” ± 0.003” at 45° ± 5°


End Configuration

Flatness: within λ / 10 wave at 633 nm wavelength

Parallelism: within 30 seconds of arc

Perpendicularity: within 5 minutes of arc

Surface Quality: scratch-dig 10 - 5 per MIL-O-13830A


Anti-Reflection End Coatings

Reflectivity: less than 0.25% at 2.04 microns

Adhesion and Durability: meets MIL-C-48497A standards

Pulsed Damage Threshold: greater than 10 J / cm2


Laser Properties

Lasing Transition: 4I11/2 to 4I13/2

Stimulated Emission Cross-Section: 3 x 10-20 cm2

Pump Bands: 600 - 800 nm