Erbium Laser Head

Er:YAG’s high water absorption at 2940nm makes this lasing wavelength appropriate for soft and hard tissue applications.  Used for cutaneous photothermolysis, short or modulated high energy pulses can be achieved from a single resonator.  Dental lasers used for soft and hard tissue applications also benefit from a single resonator design.
To assist in reducing the design cycle time and your product’s time to market overall, Er:YAG component kits are available that include the laser's flashlamp, pump chamber, rod, and mirrors.  Design services for a specific cavity's form factor are available upon request.  A fractional lens fitting your hand piece design can be added as well.  If component specifications are already designed, we can customize kits to include:
♦     coated (AR, HR, or PR) Er:YAG rod (diameters range from 2 mm – 5 mm and lengths from 50 mm – 130 mm)
♦     matching pump chambers for high energy conversion, robust, and reliable lasing output.  
     Custom pump chamber reflectors can be designed to meet your company’s form, fit, and function.
♦     high damage threshold mirrors and
♦     flashlamps with flexible lead wires