The CCPF capacitor charging power supplies utilize the latest innovation in power electronics to deliver clean and efficient power for pulsed Laser applications. The CCPF models can drive both PFN loads and reservoir charging circuits. Leakage current is less than 300us, and the power factor is greater than 0.99. Conducted emissions meet stringent European regulations and no additional line filter is required to meet EN55011 emission requirements. Output voltage is up to 15kV. The two styles, Shoebox and Cassis, are available.

CCPF Product Infromation

The CCPF family has been designed with the knowledge that a high power pulsed laser is a rugged high voltage environment.

  • Ideal for OEM Applications
  • Power factor Correction
  • Compact Size
  • Lower EMI
  • Low leakage for medical apps


Shoebox Model Poutmax Voutmax Input Voltage
Input Current
Size (LxWxH)
CCPF-500 500J/sec 500V to 4kV 90~264 5.5@115 232×152×94 4.5
CCPF-1500 1500J/sec 500V to 4kV 90~264 15@115 323×146×104 8
CCPF-2000 2000J/sec 500V to 4kV 180~264 11@220 322×146×104 8
CCPF-3500 4000J/sec 500V to 4kV 180~264 20@220 36×134×152 15
CCPF-1500 SYS* 1500J/sec 500V to 4kV 180~264 15@220 323×146×129 12
* Includes internal150mA simmer supply and +24Vauxiliary output
 Chassis Model  Poutmax  Voutmax  Input Voltage [VAC]  Input Current
 Size (LxWxH)
 CCPF-2000  2000J/sec  500V to 15kV  180~264  11@220  419×439×94  20
 CCPF-6000  6000J/sec  500V to 4kV    36@220  419×439×94  25