Alexandrite is the leader of a class of tunable solid-state laser materials. Enhanced by several
years of research and development, it features a broad wavelength tun ing range of 71 0 - 800 nm
with the capability to store and efficiently extract multijoule pulses of energy. It is one of the most
robust solid-state laser materials available with a thermal shock resistance five times that of

Alexandrite 's unique combination of properties offer application in such areas as dermatology,
lithotripsy, spectrosocopy, atmospheric lidar, testing of fiber optics and photodetectors, materials
processing , pumping of dye lasers, non-linear optics studies and annealing of semiconductors.

Alexandrite Product Information

Alexandrite is a robust solid state material for lasers requiring high thermal shock resistance and high rep rates from 710nm - 800nm. 
Because of these properties and high energy efficiency, alexandrite is commonly used in applications ranging from:
dermatology, lithotripsy, materials processing, to spectroscopy.

710-800 nm
Available Rod Lengths 3 mm - 152.4 mm Available Rod Diameters 2 mm - 12.7 mm
Applications Medical, Cosmetic, Spectroscopy, Industrial Ordering Options and Specifications.

Ordering Options and Specifications

%Cr Concentration                                                 0.13% (0.10% to 0.20% available)
Wavefront Distortion (per inch of rod length)          λ//2
End Face Parallelism                                            <30 arc seconds

Material Properties

Formula                                                            Be (Al1-xCrx)2O4
Crystal Structure                                                Orthorhombic
Unit Cell Dimensions (Å)                                   5.476(a) x 9.404(b) x 4.427(c) per ASTM 10-32
Thermal Expansion (x 10-6 °C-1)                       5.9(a) x 6.1(b) x 6.7(c)
Index of Refraction (at 750 nm)                        1.7367(a) x 1.7241(b) x 1.7346(c)
Melting Point                                                   1870°C
Vickers Hardness                                               2000 kg mm-2
Density                                                             3.7 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity                                       0.23 W cm-1 K-1
Young's Modulus                                              469 GPa
Thermal Shock Resistance                               35-74 W/cm
dn/dT                                                               8 x 10-6 K-1